Little India Restaurant

Four ways to order takeout.
Call using menu below. (650) 361-8737
Fax us using menu below. (650) 995 7946

1Madras Tomato Soup$4.50
Cumin flavored spicy tomato soup.
2Vegetable Pakoras$4.50
Batter fried fritters.
3Vegetable Samosas$4.50
Turnovers filled with potato & peas.
4Chicken Wings Haryali$5.50
Spicy wings with green herbs.
5Beans (dal) of the Day$5.50
Ask the server, 2 varieties of Dal prepared fresh daily.
6Vegetables of the day$6.50
Ask the server, 3 varieties prepared fresh daily.
7Prawns Vindaloo$12.50
Prawns simmered in a hot & spicy curry sauce. Also available with Chicken or Lamb.
8Turkey meatball curry$8.50
Turkey meatballs cooked in a yellow curry.
9Tandoori Chicken$8.50
Boneless chicken marinated in spices & barbecued in a traditional Tandoori Oven.
10Chicken Tikka Masala$8.50
Named by the British as BUTTER CHICKEN, barbecued boneless chicken simmered in a delicately spiced tomato based sauce.
11Lamb curry of the day$9.50
Ask the server, prepared fresh daily with tender, boneless New Zealand Lamb.
12Vegetable Biryani$11.50
Fresh vegetables & spices cooked with rice.
13Prawn Biryani$12.50
Casserole of Prawns, rice & spices.
14Chicken Biryani$12.50
Boneless chicken cooked with rice & spices.
15Lamb Biryani$12.50
Cubes of boneless New Zealand Lamb cooked with rice & spices.
16Pillau Rice$4.50
Basmati Rice.
Flat bread - Plain, Garlic, or Onion.
Crisp, spiced lentil flour cracker.
Yogurt mixed with tomatoes & cucumber, delicately spiced.
20Mango Chutney$3.50
Mango preserve.
21Mango Phirnee$5.50
Mango Custard thickened with rice flour
22Shahi Rice Kheer$5.50
Rice pudding with rose & cardamom
23Gulab Jamun$4.50
Golden fried cheese balls in Honey & sugar syrup.
24Mango Lassi$3.50
Yogurt & Mango Smoothie
25Plain Lassi$3.50
Plain yogurt drink
26Sweet Lassi$3.50
Sweetened yogurt smoothie
27Mango Juice$3.50
Juice of Indian Apus Mango
28Chai (Tea)$3.00
Indian spiced milk Tea

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